Pre-school Gymnastics (3 & 4)

In this 45 min. class, students will be introduced to gymnastics as well as working on coordination by progressing through different stations.  After a ten minute warm up that focuses on proper stretching techniques, students will work on two events per week: floor, vault, beam or bars. Students will work on skills to progress to higher level gymnastics such as cartwheels, rolls, jumps, balance skills, and flexibility.

Girls Recreational Gymnastics (5 & up)

Our girls recreational gymnastics program not only introduces new athletes to the sport, but allows for more experienced gymnasts to grow and progress their fundamental skills.  Classes are 55 min. and focus on strength and flexibility while using stations on all four apparatuses, bars, beam, floor, vault, and equipment such as folding mats, incline mats, hoops and spring board.  Gymnasts will warm up for ten minutes and then work on two events per weeks as well as tumble track. Our recreational gymnasts are evaluated every eight weeks to let athletes and parents know how they are progressing.

Ninja Classes (5 & up)

Our ninja program consist of the Lil Ninjas (ages 5-8), the Spartans (ages 9-12), and the Warriors (ages 13+). Our Ninja classes include jumps, flips, and obstacle course training to teach our athletes strength, flexibility, and agility.  We have a two stage warped wall, rock wall, grip boards, and specialized ninja mats for all of our athletes to master during their class.

Trampoline & Tumbling (T & T)

This program allows athletes to learn and grow their skills on three different apparatus’: trampoline, double-mini, and tumbling on the tumble track and on the rod floor.  These classes are 55 minutes and include time on each apparatus after a ten-minute warm up.  The focus in this class is learning basic skills in tumbling such as cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings and tucks.


From the basics to the more advanced, our recreational tumbling program offers a place for both tumblers and cheerleaders to enhance their skills in tumbling by focusing on skills from cartwheels to twisting skills.  Each 55 min. class starts with stretching and then athletes will work on USAG progressions within their level to improve their tumbling.

Girls Competitive Gymnastics

Girls who have excelled in their recreational classes and express an interest in competing have the option of joining a competitive team.  Gymnasts on team spend more time learning new and exciting skills, as well as have the opportunity to compete against other gymnasts in their level.  Gymnasts focus on advancing through the USA Gymnastic skills progressions while improving cardio, strength, and flexibility.  At Dynamic, our gymnasts have the option to compete in the Excel or Junior Olympic USAG Program.

Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling

Tumblers who have mastered the basics and are interested in competing have the opportunity to join our competitive team. The T & T team will give them the chance to continue to progress by learning fun and more challenging skills, as well as travel and compete against other T & T athletes.  At Dynamic, we have athletes competing level 5-Elite in the Junior Olympic USAG Program.